Own your ticketing platform

A complete end-to-end solution

Ticketing, access control, cashless payments and top-ups, integrated lockers, recyclable cups, all integrated into one platform.

Build, configure and go live in 30 minutes.

Building and configuring your own branded festival app is easy, and only takes 30 minutes

Sell your tickets on your terms

You decide how you want to handle ticket fees and refund policy.

Control your moneyflow

It’s your own ticket platform, not a third party website. All money goes straight into your bank account

Deep insight into data

Get the most complete set of insights to manage your event, ticket sales, attendance, audience demographics, and so much more.

Target your invites

anyKrowd gives you the tools to cherrypick your invites, VIPS and early birds based on smart d

Real-time reporting

Understand what’s happening with real-time reporting on attendance, sales, and much more.

Sell on your terms

With anyKrowd you sell tickets and reservations on your own platform instead of sending your visitors to the website of a ticketing service.

You are free to set your own terms and fees regarding ticketing, refunds, annulation, etc.

The money you make is directly deposited in your bank account. You have full transparency and control at all times

Make combinations

With anyKrowd you have the tools to create different types of tickets that suit the needs of your event. Early bird, multiple days, VIP, etc.

Furthermore, a ticket in your app is not just an entrance ticket. The ticket is always connected to a profile. This enables a smooth check-in and just 1 ticket code (QR or barcode) that holds all necessary info.