A complete solution

Ticketing, access control, cashless payments, integrated lockers, recyclable cups, table & VIP bookings, and so much more!

Your own nightclub app

deliver the best guest experience with your own nightclub app.

Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue and on-site spending by going cashless.

Reduce theft and errors.

Reduce fraud, theft and staff errors, and gain full insight into staff performance.

Deep insight into data

Get the most complete set of insights to organize the best events possible.

Real-time reporting

Understand what’s happening and enjoy real-time reporting on attendance, sales, and much more.

Visitors to regulars

Personally invite your visitors, build a community, or offer memberships and stay a nightlife hot spot forever.

Live promos & loyalty

Offer special discounts, loyalty rewards or exclusive memberships to your best clients.

Teaming up with industry leaders

Your Own Nightclub App

The future proof complete end-to-end solution.

anyKrowd creates your own nightclub app to manage every step of the event journey, from teaser to aftermovie, in literally 5 minutes or less.

✓ The most complete end-to-end solution
✓ Branded into your own style
✓ Customize your settings and workflows
✓ Bring innovation without headaches

Stay a nightlife pioneer.

An ultraflexible Cashless POS system

Cashless systems are proven to increase spending and reduce waiting times as visitors top-up more, spend more, and get serviced faster.

✓ Increase revenue with cashless payments
✓ Decrease waiting times and service faster
✓ Let visitors pay with RFID bracelet or membership cards
✓ Or avoid RFIDs and let visitors use in-app Pay and Self-Orders buttons

Discover the power of cashless payments for nightclubs with the anyKrowd Cashless System.

Every experience at your visitor's fingertips

anyKrowd is a true “push-button control” for every experience your visitor desires at your nightclub.

✓ Full ticketing and access control solution
✓ integrated electronic lockers
✓ added services (hotel, shuttle, etc)
✓ table or vip reservations
✓ nightclub packages or merchandise

Do everything right, from start to finish.

Data-driven happiness

AnyKrowd gives you a complete data stack. We provide the insights and the tools, you make the smart decisions that create better experiences.

✓ Real-time attendance & sales performance
✓ Customer data profiles and full insights
✓ Advanced segmentation of your visitors
✓ Targeted promotions and personal invites

Master your data, and deliver customer happiness.