Master your data

Complete data insight

Get the most complete set of insights to organize the best events possible.

Real-time reporting

Understand what’s happening and enjoy real-time reporting on attendance, sales, and so much more.

360° customer data

Understand your customer profiles and get full insight into their behavior.

Create customer segments

Create segments and target only relevant customers.

Targeted promotions & rewards

Create loyal customers by targeted loyalty rewards and promotions.

Send out personalized invites

reach your visitors in a more personalized way by sending out personal invites.

Build, configure and go live in 30 minutes

Building and configuring your own branded app is easy, and only takes 30 minutes

Deliver better experiences

The most significant advantage of adding all your sales and services in 1 owned app?

A complete set of data to understand what drives your revenue and who your clients are. No more different service providers collecting nothing but splintered data. After all, you shouldn’t need a data analyst to create kick-ass experiences.

With anyKrowd, organizing events in an intelligent way is fun, understandable and straightforward.

Data-driven happiness

We believe that collecting data means the opportunity to do good for your visitors and results in happy clients.

Understanding your audience makes it so much easier to make the right decisions and organize the best events possible.

Reward loyalty, give surprises, adapt to preferences, offer promotions, guarantee more safety, provide the right info and help. In the end your event stands and falls with smiling faces.