Build your community

Teaming up

Having your own online platform gives the advantage of teaming up with contributors, influencers and sponsors.

Live up-to-date

Your visitors always know where to look for the latest info, updates, last-minute changes and live messages.


Exclusive content

Your app is the perfect place to share backstage interviews, aftermovies, teasers and live content with your biggest fans.

Build your own channels

Having your own app gives you the launching platform to grow and is the perfect place to give your sponsors visibility or to team up with influencers and creators to make sure you stay exciting and offer useful services and content to your fans.

An owned media channel simply gives you the power to become a stronger brand.

Stay relevant, real conversation

Social Media channels just don’t give you the same opportunities to engage with your fans in a personalized way. With anyKrowd you can target all messages and content to specific groups of visitors.

Use your platform for exclusive content, special promotions and real time information.