The ultimate
cashless experience

Increase revenue

Cashless payments decrease the pain-of-payment and increase the willingness-to-pay, thus increasing visitor spent.

Serve faster

Visitors get their orders up to 6x faster. This means less queues, less waiting and more fun.

Avoid risk

Prevent fraud, loss and mistakes due to reduced cash handling.

Save time

Bookkeeping, cash counting, staff payouts and making invoices for customers are digital and fully automated.

Flexible setup

As organizers ourselves we know you require flexibility. With anyKrowd you have so many different bar setups at your fingertips.

Spending insight

Gather insight about your visitor’s spending behavior and make better choices.

Dynamic menu's

Adjust prices and the food/drinks menu instantly, per day or per zone. A digital menu gives you ultimate flexibility.

Let your customers spend more

Increase your revenue by making it easier for your customers to spend money. With the anyKrowd platform your customers no longer have to stand in line to top-up their wallets and waiting times at the bar are drastically reduced. Our platform increases your visitor’s willingness-to-pay, leading to increased revenue and better customer experiences.

The most flexible cashless payment system

With anyKrowd you have so many bar setups at your fingertips. Easily change your setup from hour to hour depending on the crowd or the situation of the day. Ordering with waiters (holding a digital menu), ordering at the bar or self ordering on smartphone? Paying via NFC wearables (wristbands, member card), a generated QR code or directly in the app? It’s all there, integrated in your own app. For you to choose the combination that fits best at your location.

Complete control and insight

Take control of your data and gain in-depth understanding of your customer’s spending behavior. Understand who your best customers are, what they are buying and where from. Using real time data to understand your customers makes it easy to make the right decisions in the moment and organize the best events possible.

Grade A reliability and hardware

When you’ve spent months working towards your event, downtime just isn’t an option. Using the latest breakthrough innovation and technology, we’ve built a platform that can scale virtually limitless. Best-in-class security, 5G ready and specific offline functionalities. Our hardware is field tested, hustleproof, and works even in the worst conditions.