The story so far

Driven by experience


4 founders are each active in the event industry or software development business. It’s fair to say that we know the ins and outs of software developing and organizing events. This experience, passion and knowledge is the foundation of our company today.


Through the years the 4 founders meet. Professional projects but also joint ambitions, similar vision and friendship connects them.


Collective ideas arise for a tech startup. Bringing together the founders’ strong points. Different options are studied.


COVID pandemic hits the world. The founders decide not to sit down and wait but instead use the time to start a tech company that solves issues of an event organizer today. Countless brainstorm sessions and ideation meetings pass to come to a finalized product- and businessplan. Relations with Brussels development agency UnderDogDesign change from software supplier to in-house partner and early believer.


anyKrowd BV gets founded and private money gets invested to develop, perfect and test the working SaaS (Software as a Service). Or as we like to call it: EAAS (Experience as a Service). A well-oiled, high velocity team of Belgian developers works on the product to get it fully tested and launched on the market by Q4 2021.


anyKrowd NV gets founded and smart capital gets invested to scale the business and further develop the software service to what it is today: a useful innovation and working solution for a sector that is about to relive and flourish after difficult times.

Today forces are combined with industry leaders to shape the near future of event technology.

Tomorrow we keep working and on a product that never stops getting better. Inspired by the field experience of our clients/partners, global trends in eventing and our own futuristic ideas. anyKrowd should aim to be the standard, always.

Teaming up with industry leaders